That awkward moment when the 50 Shades of Grey trailer looks like the trailer for a stalker horror movie, because the book reads like a stalker horror movie

I just keep waiting for a shot of Ana sobbing into a phone while hiding in a closet, telling the 911 dispatcher that he’s inside the house.


""but that book character has blue/grey/light eyes so obviously they’re white!!"" ://///


this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image


Honestly can’t wait for the 50 shades movie to normalize the manipulation of lower-level female employees. Can’t wait for the new wave of “consent is sexy” banners on the cover of cosmo. Can’t wait for teen girls to think that a controlling relationship is romantic. Can’t wait for sexualized violence to become increasingly mainstream. And most of all, I can’t wait for BDSM to be labeled a feminist revolution.

“You just might not understand it yet. But it’s cool. Family is super cool. Going home to one girl every night is super cool. Just going home and getting on the floor and playing with your child is super cool. Not wearing a red leather jacket, and just looking like a dad and shit, is like super cool. Having someone that I can call Mom again. That shit is super cool.” — Kanye West (via nickelcobalt)


"having listened to great songwriters like james taylor and carole king, i felt there was nothing new that was coming out that really represented me and the way i felt. so i started writing my own stuff."

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frank [deluxe] (2003) x back to black [deluxe incl. german & japanese bonus tracks] (2006) x lioness: hidden treasures (2011)

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valerie (w/ mark ronson) x cupid x will you still love me tomorrow x get over it (w/ JTWR) x to know him is to love him x it’s my party (w/ quincy jones) x cherry wine (w/ NAS) x hey little rich girl x you’re wondering now x monkey man

DISCLAIMER: i made this post to spread the good word of amy winehouse. i don’t care if you download one song or every thing on this list, i just want more people to be aware of her music career. if you do, however, feel compelled to purchase amy’s music after listening to any of this, i encourage you to purchase lioness as a portion of the sales go to the amy winehouse foundation which works to provides help, support and care for young people with addictions in the UK and abroad.


I’m seeing a trend within our youth…





do not pity the dead, harry, pity the living, and above all those who think feminism means hating men.





There should be a show just called “AU”

every single episode, a group of the same characters are in a different alternate universe with no explanation as to why.











let us not forget



15-Year-Old African Kid Tells Madonna To Go ‘Have Sex’ with Herself


Dakarai Molokomme, a 15-year-old starving child from a small village in Zimbabwe, has just told , one of the most famous pop stars in the world, to  and f*** , the local media are reporting exclusively.

“Yes, it’s true, I told Madonna to go f*** herself. Do you want to know why?” Dakarai asked. “It’s the same thing every time with these snobby rich Americans. Every once in a while they come to show us their support for the so-called eradication of poverty by adopting a child from a starving family, but they actually do more harm than good. Transracial international adoptions are part of the white savior industrial complex,” Dakarai explained.

In further discussions with journalists from the media, the  stated that “none of the children here actually want to be taken away from their family and friends so they can be displayed as some kind of trophy in the homes of self-righteous singers or actors who want to score some points with the media and Oprah.”

“If they really want to help us, they should get Big Pharma to ship us some anti-retroviral drugs for the AIDS epidemic, or build schools and hospitals. If they don’t want to do that, then they can all go f** themselves!” the child told reporters.

The 15-year-old also stated that he would say the same thing to any one of those American or European “faux humanitarian posers”, except for Bono, whom he said he would also kick in the groin.

“Bono’s efforts to save the African savage from itself prove that the colonial imperative is alive and well,” Dakarai said as he walked with other village children collecting sticks to build a tree fort.





Porn Actress Exposes Industry: Trafficking in the Porn Industry - The Pink Cross

Elements of Sex Trafficking

Act: Recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons;

Means: Threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or vulnerability, or giving payments or benefits to a person in control of the victim;

Purpose: Prostitution of others, sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, or slavery.

- From the 2000 UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, ratified by 154 countries. (x)

[Highlighted elements of sex trafficking in the porn industry connect with the examples Lubben gives in this specific gifset, other elements do occur in the porn industry as well].


"The federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act defines the crime of human trafficking as:

A. The recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act where such an act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such act has not attained 18 years of age, or

B. The recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.” - (x)


… [P]ersons are trafficked into the international sex trade, often by force, fraud, or coercion. The sex industry has rapidly expanded over the past several decades. It involves sexual exploitation of persons, predominantly women and girls, involving activities related to prostitution, pornography, sex tourism, and other commercial sexual services. The low status of women in many parts of the world has contributed to a burgeoning of the trafficking industry. -
The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Prevention Act (TVPA). TVPA combats trafficking in persons, especially into the sex trade, slavery, and involuntary servitude. It has been reauthorized three times since its initial passage: (x)

for all the people who think there’s nothing wrong with porn, here’s another example.






Imma just let this sit here